Reasons Why you Should Never Try the Follow/Unfollow Strategy on Social Media

Reasons why you should not practice Instagram's follow/unfollow strategy

📌While it may be tempting to practice the Follow/Unfollow strategy when starting a new account, our advice is to read this post before deciding whether to go that route or taking a different direction. 

📌As users, looking at the amount of  IG followers an account has gives us some implicit proof that the account is valuable. But, is this really true? 

📌We want you to be able to attract the people that care for what you have to say and enjoy every post you have on your feed. We want people to stay with you and not leave you after 2 days. 

📌Here, at Etc Marketing Services we help you grow by providing value and content to your audience. It’s not just about vanity metrics. It’s about value and that's exactly what we are here to help you with. E-mail us today and set up a free consultation for your marketing needs.

How do you feel about the follow/unfollow strategy? I would love to know. Comments please 😊

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