Instagram Insights you Need to Understand

Instagram Insights you need to understand

Today we have a boring post... a boring post that will help understand the most important metrics to review when you’re paying ads on any platform.

I know, I know... you must be thinking you don’t care about this…but wait… let me tell you why you need to know these terms despite them being boring.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of one single person that likes to lose money! Putting money on ads without looking at metrics is like going to a casino and putting it in the slot machine and after an hour of playing, realize that you run out of money and that getting rich overnight was not as easy as you thought.

For that reason, it’s smart to know and understand those terms, so you can invest your money wisely and choose the ads that work best based on an educated decision.

If after this, you still believe this is a boring post, you can contact us today to help you with your ad strategy and investment. 

Reach: Many people don’t care about reach, but we do. Why? Because it helps you determine the universe of people to whom your post was showed by Instagram.  If your post reached many people and you got no likes, comments or shares that means there could be a content problem. 

On the contrary, if your post was shown to fewer people and despite the small reach it still got some likes, comments, and shares that means you are heading in the right direction regarding content. 

Many times a big reach is not easy to get for multiple reasons:

-You did not use the correct hashtags (too broad hashtags, non specific to the post)

-You did not use hashtags at all (new people will not be able to find you if you don’t use any hashtags at all)

-You have not many followers, therefore, your reach is very low.

-You posted on a time where your followers are not very active on IG.

-Your images don’t look attractive and IG decides not to show them.

-You don’t post on a regular basis.

Look at reach like a sample size. 

Bigger reach: better chance to get eyeballs on your content. 👀👀👀

Smaller reach: less chance to get eyeballs on your content.👀

But... do not fret!

 If you are still getting likes and comments on a small reach it’s a good sign you are doing things correctly and that will indicate IG’s algorithm that your content is worth showing to more people.

It takes time, consistency and quality content to grow you social media channels . Remember that there are approximately 112.5M users on IG and that is quite challenging when you are just starting. 

In Etc Marketing we help you with your business social media strategy. We handle everything from insights all the way content creation and we assure that you'll get the piece of mind you deserve so you can focus on your business and making it grow.

Contact us today at if you would like to subscribe to our monthly social media programs. Or click here to learn more.

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