5 Reasons why you Need a Content Strategy for Social Media

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5 reasons why you need a content strategy for social media
              5 Reasons why you Need a Content Strategy for Social Media

      1. You’re too busy making this week’s content. 
      2. You’re too distracted on next month’s projects. 
      3. You always think It’s too late to start with one. 
      4. You think you don’t have the tech resources or knowledge to do it properly. 
      5. You struggle with not knowing what to post.


      We all know how hard is it to keep up a content strategy that makes sense. Sometimes the lack of time, energy, or money makes us think that having one is  too challenging. Whether you decide on creating it yourself or hiring someone to do it for you, it's important to know some factors that are key to succeed.

      1. The content strategy needs to be like a tailored suit. It needs to be custom made for your specific business' needs. Do you want to create brand awareness, drive revenue or get more leads? Maybe a combination of all...whatever it is that you need having it customized is vital.

      2. It needs to be flexible. Sometimes plans change and last minute events come up that need to be promoted on social. Having flexibility without having to improvise can be a tricky game...but everything in moderation should work just fine. With so many moving parts in the industry of social media, it's important to be organized in order to have a set of streamlined processes that work. But flexibility is needed sometimes in order to accommodate the last minutes needs of a business.

      3. Simple to Execute. Make sure it’s easy to follow and put together. Be sure that you are not creating something too hard to execute, focus on starting simple and evolve as you go.

      4.Hire help if you need it. Many times, we have the false misconception that hiring help for small tasks in our business will come at a hefty price. It's important to realize that there are some tasks that consume business owners a lot of time and require some level of expertise. In those cases, it's better to find  someone that can help you and take that burden out of your shoulders. Just like you hire an accountant to help you with your books, having a graphic designer, social media manager or a photographer will help you save time, energy and sanity and give you the satisfaction of having a professional looking brand while you can focus on things that are pivotal to grow the business.

      In Etc Marketing Services, we can help you with your social media needs and create a content calendar so you know what the strategy will look like and have a marketing goal to look after. We know how time consuming can be trying to figure everything out on our own. We are and have been entrepreneurs ourselves and are aware of the endless Google searches and You Tube tutorials at the wee morning hours to get something done. Good thing is that we are here to help you now. If you need help with your social media marketing, graphic design, branding, etc... shoot us an e-mail for a free consultation about your business needs.


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